Dream Project: Support

I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.
― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream

Support the project

There is all of the free support of course, share the posts, share the message, with as many people as possible.

But doing a project like this isn't free, the paper, the ink, the mounts - and most of all, the hours - so if you wish to support the project you can do so:

  • By booking a portrait-session. (BONUS! You get beautiful portraits to hang on your wall.)
  • If you are one of the models from the project, you can buy extra portraits from your session:
    • One extra just like the ones you are gifted: 500DKR
    • Chose other products from my regular pricelist
  • You can also buy a custom made gold frame for your portraits: 100DKR

Conctact me at Phone 31 13 87 21 if you want to purchase portraits or if you have questions.

Pinkstudio by Angelina Devine Katrine-og-Jawaugn-Dream-044-web Dream Project: Support Nyheder The Dream Project

I am still looking for models for my project - please sign up at "The Dream Project"

Pinkstudio by Angelina Devine webRaziel-Rasmus-027 Dream Project: Support Nyheder The Dream Project  Pinkstudio by Angelina Devine webMy-og-Tristan-016 Dream Project: Support Nyheder The Dream Project